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8 'Extras' That Help Sell a House

January 2nd, 2015 3:57 PM by Shane Greene

Here is an article with great information for selling your home.

Conversations with buyers tell you where to focus

There are plenty of posts that share advice agents should give to sellers as they prepare a home for sale. By now, most agents understand the wisdom of obtaining high-resolution photos, featuring homes online, designing professional property fliers, a possible open house here or there, and everything else that goes into good marketing. Yet, the most important factor still is what the buyer sees when visiting a home in person.

To avoid turning buyer “elation” into “deflation,” my advice to agents is to be a good “student.” I always listen to what people talk about at the closing table to find out why they selected the house they bought. Recently, I closed a listing on a home that was 34 years old. The furnace was original, which can be a concern, but the buyer pointed out a number of features that stood out and convinced him that this home was well-maintained and a “safe bet.”

What I took from the conversation with this homebuyer is advice all listing agents should be sharing with their respective sellers. These simple extras can help sell a home more quickly and for top dollar.
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Posted by Shane Greene on January 2nd, 2015 3:57 PM


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